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At Ulevate, we are dedicated to elevating the art of beauty and wellness. Our network of stores serves as a premier destination for professional estheticians and massage therapists who seek only the best in skincare products, cutting-edge devices, and essential spa consumables.

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What is Ulevate?
Our mission is to empower beauty and wellness professionals by providing them with top-tier products and technologies that enhance their craft and nurture their clients' well-being. We believe in the transformative power of quality skincare and therapeutic treatments, and we are committed to supporting professionals as they deliver exceptional experiences.

With years of experience, we've created a collection of unique serums with natural ingredients. We provide step-by-step quality control monitoring of each serum.
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Experience an unforgettable skin treatment with natural power of pure oxygen, organic-based serums and cool therapy.
Simply the ideal natural based treatment suitable for all skin types.

The Ulevate VivaFacial is an ideal treatment for people with:
- acne and congested pores
- post-acne scars and pigmentation
- wrinkles and fine lines
- dull and sun-damaged skin
- aging and sagging skin
- sensitive skin with broken capillaries and many more.
No chemical abrasion and no vacuum, only medical grade pure oxygen rejuvenation with simultaneous skin peeling.
Non-intrusive procedure that treats even the most sensitive skin.

An ideal treatment for:
- acne and congested pores
- post acne scars and pigmentations
- sensitive skin with broken capillaries
The high pressure of oxygen pushes macromolecular mixture of O2 and serum deeper into the skin.
Enjoy the cooling, toning and refreshing look right after the treatment.

An ideal treatment for:
- wrinkles and fine lines
- dull and sun-damaged skin
- aging and sagging skin
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Why Choose Ulevate?
  1. Expertly Curated Range: Each product is vetted by industry experts to ensure it meets professional standards.
  2. Innovative Solutions: We stay ahead of trends, bringing the latest advancements in beauty and wellness technologies to our clients.
  3. Education and Support: We offer workshops, training sessions, and expert advice to help professionals integrate our products into their practices seamlessly.
  4. Community Focus: At Ulevate, you’re more than a customer; you’re part of a professional community. We grow through collaboration and shared knowledge.
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