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Why professionals love pure oxygen?
  • M. Slutska, MD
    Highly concentrated oxygen facial therapy increases skin immunity. Oxygen flow also stimulates skin cell metabolism and skin barrier function. Because of these effects the following benefits are visually noticed: improvement of skin color and turgor, and decrease of fine lines and wrinkles through epidermal restructuring. Oxygen facial is especially indicated for citizens of megapolis.
  • V. Mashkova, MD
    Laser Treatments Expert
    A deep skin oxygen treatment is used for both skin enrichment and rejuvenation.
    This treatment can be successfully used for the treatment of "stressed" and "smoker" skin, prevention and treatment of the signs of aging, hyperpigmentation and acne. One of the great benefit is that oxygen facial treatment doesn't have any seasonal contraindications and can be performed even during the period of active sun insulation. As UV rays of sun exposure can stimulate free radical activity that can cause hyperpigmentation, skin dehydration, and as photo-aging. Oxygen facial treatment also don't have age contraindications. That is why oxygen facials are highly recommended for everyone who wants to keep their skin young and in a good shape for years.

    Vladislava Mashkova, MD
  • J. Shylina, MD
    Dermatologist, Aesthetician, Laser Expert
    Oxygen skin infusion is an advanced technology with no contraindications. This technology allows significant improvement of the positive results of the aesthetic treatment of skin issues.
    Based on my experience I've noticed the most effective combinations of oxygen therapy and other technologies that bring maximum results:
    1. Laser treatments and Oxygen infusion. Oxygen facials stimulate the compensatory improvement of metabolic activity of keratinocytes. This effect increases skin cells turnover and speeds up a recovery of superficial skin layers that were treated with abrasive and ablative technologies such as lasers, microdermabrasion, peelings, and surgery treatments.
    2. Oxygen skin infusion increases skin absorption with serums and its deeper penetration thus improves the positive results of any oxygen facial. As a result practitioner can achieve more effective results of treatments of the most common skin concerns: hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and skin aging.
    3. Oxygen skin therapy is an irreplaceable part of acne treatment. «Propionibacterium acnes», that causes Acne disease, is an anaerobic bacteria. That is why deep skin oxygenation significantly depresses the multiplication of these bacteria and helps skin with a faster recovery.

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