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What is Ulevate?
What is Ulevate VivaFacial?
Ulevate is a unique, holistic and skin-changing technology.
Ulevate VivaFacial is based on science and real results.
Ulevate VivaFacial was created for deep skin hydration and rejuvenation, using only highly concentrated organic based serums, pure oxygen and cool therapy.
Ulevate VivaFacial delivers 97% pure oxygen infused with antioxidants, vitamins and peptides to the deep skin layers. Cool treatment awakes, firms and tones skin.
There are no injections or down time. The organic Ulevate serums are gently pumped into the skin from the outside through unique Ulevate VivaFacial hand-pieces.
Ulevate VivaFacial is a lifestyle, it is a part of everyday healthy beauty.
Ulevate is a holistic and 100% safe treatment that fits all faces, skin types and genders.
The Ulevate VivaFacial results are immediate and will accelerate naturally through the treatment sessions.
What are VivaFacial Steps?
The VivaFacial consists of five steps:
1. Step 1 VIVAPEEL:
Positive Oxygen Exfoliation with unique spinning diamond tip. No chemical abrasion and no vacuum, only pure oxygen rejuvenation with simultaneous peeling. Rosacea is NOT a contraindication. Non-intrusive procedure that treats even of the most sensitive skin.
Unique Oxygen Infusion. This treatment results in instant skin hydration and oxygenation with pure oxygen flow. The high pressure of oxygen pushes macromolecular mixture of O2 and serum deeper into the skin. Enjoy the cooling, toning and refreshing look right after the treatment.
Pure Oxygen Pulses Non-invasive oxygen mesotherapy helps to infuse active serums into the skin. Rejuvenating and restorative treatment naturally enhances the inner skin glow. The smooth edges enable comfortable and luxurious experience.
Cooling Skin Rejuvenation Increases inner oxygen circulation and stimulates an immune response. Boosts collagen production and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Tones and luminizes the skin.
5. Step 5 OXYLEVATE:
Pure Oxygen Dome The highly concentrated 95-97% pure oxygen flow infuses the entire face and neck area with rejuvenating power of O2 and holistic products. Perfect and ultimate relaxation.
What does a Ulevate VivaFacial feel like?
Ulevate VivaFacial is genuinely the most unique facials. All five steps of the treatment are very different and all of them ave very relaxing. The overall treatment is very cooling and refreshing, and at the same time it is one of the most relaxing and comfortable treatments. Majority of our clients fall asleep during their facial. Here is a quote of a VivaFacial customer: "The oxygen injection portion combined with the cold therapy were absolutely incredible, I literally felt like I was melting into my facialist's hands".

How long does Ulevate VivaFacial treatment last?
Ulevate VivaFacial is perfect for business oriented people that value their time. Ulevate allows to perform various treatment protocols from 30-minute to 1-hour duration treatment, depending on clients' specific needs. Highly focused treatment with concentrated serums and unique cryo and oxygen technology allow performing up to 60-minute facial with maximum results.
What are the serums made of?

Unique Ulevate serums contain organic, gluten free, vegan ingredients, enriched with peptides, vitamins and antioxidants. Here is a list of the key ingredients:

What results may be expected? How many treatments are recommended?

A majority of Ulevate clients report notice visible skin toning and even glowing skin tone after just one treatment. As well as a majority of clients feel their skin firmer and smoother. As VivaFacial is based on a natural power of Oxygen, Cold and organic-based serums, the cumulative process of a series of treatment will help to maintain skin health results. Package of 4-8 VivaFacial treatments is recommended for the optimal results.

Why VivaFacial is good for skin?
The VivaFacial is the remarkable full-feature treatment that consists of 5 holistic advanced steps for healthy glowing skin. Non-intrusive, relaxing and innovative technologies combined for the natural enhancement of skin health. It is an ultimate holistic treatment for anti-acne, anti-aging, depigmentation and rejuvenating facial experiences. With the natural power of oxygen skin health is improved, with cryo treatment the rejuvenation and revival processes are stimulated.
Who might be a candidate for VivaFacial?
The Ulevate VivaFacial is an ideal treatment for people with:
- acne and congested pores
- post acne scars and pigmentations
- wrinkles and fine lines
- dull and sun-damaged skin
- aging and sagging skin
- sensitive skin with broken capillaries and many more.
How does the Cryo feel like?
The Ulevate VivaFacial has a CryoLevate as one step of the treatment. A majority of VivaFacial clients love this step the most. Clients usually feel intense and awaking local cold sensations as a very comfortable and relaxing massage experience.
Is VivaFacial safe? Side affects?
The Ulevate VivaFacial is safe and very comfortable for most patients. Typically, clients are comfortable enough to relax or fall asleep during the procedure. After the procedure some patients experience firmness, cold skin sensations in the treated areas, but these are temporary and not experienced by all patients. No side affects have been noticed.
Who is eligible for VivaFacial? Is there a minimum age?
VivaFacial is not a skin lifting solution and it is not a substitute for invasive skin lifting methods. The ideal VivaFacial candidate maintains a healthy lifestyle yet seeking for natural skin treatment. Aestheticians will decide on a case-by-case basis whether a customer is a candidate for VivaFacial. VivaFacial is normally performed for customers over 18 years of age, and an aesthetician can decide if a customer is a candidate for the procedure.
IS VivaFacial something people can do on a lunch break?
VivaFacial is also called "Red Carpet Facial" as there is no downtime of recovery period after the treatment. Clients may resume normal activities on the same day as VivaFacial, including work and exercise.
How much time is needed between the VivaFacial appointments?
Aestheticians typically wait two to four weeks between VivaFacial treatments.
Does VivaFacial work better than other competitive treatments?
The results of VivaFacial are natural and refreshing, they are not as rapid or dramatic as invasive facial rejuvenating treatments. But, if people want to avoid the higher cost, injections, pain, risk and recovery time associated with invasive procedures, then VivaFacial is an effective healthy alternative, a part of a lifestyle.
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